She’s Adapting…

As a woman do you know the power you possess? Do you realize the strength in your heart, mind, and soul? Your intelligence is impeccable. Your abilities are immeasurable. Your faith is undeniable.

It takes power to walk out of a house every morning, dressed in your best, walk in a job you sometimes despise to take care of a household that barely appreciates you. Some are single and do it alone. Some are married and have help. Some are married and do it alone. Whatever your situation is, don’t let any of Satan’s children tell you that you are anything less than AMAZING.

Only a strong woman can have $5.00 to her name but still manage to set a table full of fried chicken, collard greens, cornbread, and macaroni & cheese. Only a strong woman can not have it for herself but have it to give to someone else. Only a strong woman can give guidance to a friend, while her life is a living hell. Only a strong woman can love you from a distance yet still be there when you need her. A strong woman forgives easily and loves hard. She realizes that life is too short to cry over spilled milk but too long to waste on nonsense and negativity. She values family and the few friends that she does have. She listens with her heart.

She takes pride in her appearance, but it doesn’t overly consume her. She demands respect before she even says a word. She cares less about what people think, but she despises being misunderstood.  She sometimes struggles with being an open book and an introvert simultaneously. She allows herself to be vulnerable when she trusts you. When you betray her trust, she will forgive you, but never fully let you in again. She has the power to twerk her man into a sleeping coma after she leaves her prayer closet and commands the angels to protect her family.

She makes mistakes, but she’s careful. She demands to be treated like a lady, even though there have been times when she has accepted less than that from people. She takes giving over receiving. She knows the importance of drinking water, she knows the importance of a glass of wine. She’s a mother even if she never birthed a child.

Her skin is tough. Her heart is deep. Her jewels are rare. Her mind is open. Her love is forever. She’s a woman and she’s adapting.

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This is dedicated to my mother. The beautiful, talented, gorgeous, Lisa Williams. Every accomplishment that I’ve ever made was because of you. Every tear I cried, you’ve always been there to wipe them.



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Meet Mrs. Jasmine J. White. An enthusiastic combination of quick wit and social consciousness, Mrs. White is bringing her unique perspective of being a #MotherLoverSisterFriend to IYU’s curriculum. A fiery, yet vulnerable, black woman with so much to say. Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram.

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