Restroom Stops & Traffic Jams

Really quick, I want you to think of all the things you’ve accomplished over the course of your life. Compare goals that were accomplished easily and goals that may have taken some time. Compare the goals that were met without much effort and the goals that required you to put in some serious work. Now that you have accomplished them, which ones give you the most joy and satisfaction? Easy answer. The greater the struggle, the greater the reward.

Most times in life, we equate hard times or struggles with “the devil”. I beg to differ. Sometimes we go through struggles so that we can realize how much strength we have. How will you know how strong you are, if you never pick up anything over 20 pounds? There is no way to know unless you extend yourself.

Complacency is the real “devil”. When you know 20 pounds is comfortable for you and you never stretch yourself further than your contentment; complacency. Your maximum potential cannot be met if there is no struggle. With that being said, what part of your life have you not attempted to max out on? Is it your career? School? Your marriage? Caring for yourself? Caring for someone else? Whatever it is, DO IT! Today.

Some people have struggled in relationships or had a marriage fail and are too afraid to get out there again. Stop second-guessing who God created you to be. You are boundless by yourself, you will only be an amazing addition to someone else. It’s time to open your heart to love again. Stop beating yourself up about it. It wasn’t your fault. It was your fault. It doesn’t matter. No one ever got anywhere by looking behind them. Focus on the days, months, and years to come. Love on purpose. Stop trying to convince yourself you don’t “need” a man. Having a companion is a part of life, your timing may have been off. Now set your clock to match God’s timing and watch Him work. Your focus should not be on what you don’t have, but on the pleasures, you do enjoy. Embrace your family, your children, your peace, your friends, your health. Shift your focus and be willing to step out on faith. (all you need is the size of a mustard seed)

It’s like preparing to go on a vacation to the Caribbean. If you step out onto your front porch, can you see your vacation destination from there? Nope. But you know the reward is great enough for you to trust the process it takes to get there. You don’t know how many speed traps, flat tires, restroom stops, toll booths, accidents, or traffic jams you will see along the way. However, you keep going. You drive the speed limit (to the airport of course), have a spare in the trunk, drink less water (only on the road because you need water to survive), have cash, pay attention to the people around you, and be patient. Take this same advice in your relationships.

Patience is a quality that we tend to overlook. Your destination was promised, the time it takes you to get there was not. You may have to take a longer route, but that could be God’s way of protecting you from those unforeseen “traffic jams” and “accidents”. Slow down and live. Enjoy the scenery. Stop dismissing the journey just to get to the finish line. Because unfortunately, when you’ve accomplished this, there is another journey you MUST begin. It’s a part of life…you might as well enjoy it.



This is dedicated to my Kenya, Christina, Jasmine, Step, Kierra, and Keisha. Y’all are added to my list of strong women.

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  • Kenya Woods
    Posted at 19:05h, 22 August Reply

    I can relate to this blog so much and thanks for the dedication, even if you meant another Kenya, lol. I’m claiming it for me 🙂

  • Shanicie Williams
    Posted at 22:25h, 07 August Reply

    This was somewhat my lesson today! Teaching students the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth minsdet! They learned that everything is possible! It was quite interesting! The last task in their escape room was coming up with a sentence from all tasks and it was-Failure, yet, effort will result in a reward in growth mindset! As you were writing this I was teaching this!

    • Pam
      Posted at 01:27h, 09 August Reply

      Love this too!! Thanks for the push!!!

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